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Design & Strength: The square grid allows use of the elements either vertically or horizontally, maintaining the grid and the runways for reinforcement, which allows for unsurpassed creativity in design. RASTRA provides minimal heat and cold transfer through the RASTRA element, thus concrete grout retains its heat and moisture longer thus allowing a consistent cure, unhindered by outside temperatures. This results in a stronger end product.

Environmental Qualities: RASTRA is a sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally correct construction system. RASTRA offers the structural strength of concrete paired with high thermal insulation, sound attenuation and fire resistance - a truly “Green” building material for houses and commercial buildings.

Thermal Performance: The same component matrix THASTYRON which gives RASTRA its fire resistance, also insulates the concrete placed inside the elements, in our Caribbean climate, this means good cooling because of good insulation. During five-hour fire endurance testing of full-scale 10-inch (25cm) thick RASTRA walls, applied temperatures exceeded 2000F (1100C) on the exposed face. In essence, the wall did not conduct heat during the test. Other tests have shown that A/C thermostats can be lowered, and or smaller A/C units utilized.

Fire Resistance: RASTRA elements are very effective in areas where high fire resistance is required. In full-scale tests of RASTRA walls it has been shown that the RASTRA wall does not support combustion and does not emit smoke and has a four-hour fire rating.

Mold and Mildew Resistance: RASTRA elements also have other features and qualities that make it unique. Because the component matrix THASTYRON will not hold or wick water the way concrete, or concrete block or wood products do, RASTRA elements will not promote or sustain mold and mildew. As a building system used in Europe for more than 25 years, numerous tests have proven RASTRA’s ability to resist mold and mildew.

Insect & Vermin Resistance: Unlike solid polystyrene, the mixture of Portland cement and polystyrene creates and undesirable atmosphere for insects. Additionally, the concrete grout placed in the channels penetrates the pours of the RASTRA interior surface, fusing the concrete and the RASTRA panel together, therefore eliminating channels that termites and other insects could use for migration and nesting.

Sound Quality of RASTRA Elements: The RASTRA element has exceptional sound absorbing the attenuation qualities. This means that the interior of the new RASTRA structure will be shielded from most outside noises. RASTRA has a high insulation rating above R34.

CONCLUSION: The RASTRA wall directly contributes to a healthy living environment. It also helps indirectly to improve the environment by conserving energy. Therefore RASTRA reduces pollution (Builders use up to 60% smaller units for air conditioning and heating and save even more in utilities). RASTRA reuses worthless waste, which would end up in landfills. Ecologically sound, RASTRA provides a safe shelter; it is fire proof, earthquake safe, rodent and termite proof, resists storms, and provides privacy due to good acoustic attenuation. RASTRA means higher living quality with unlimited lifetime at low maintenance cost.

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